Hong Kong made singing Santa Claus toy – request for information

HF: Maya Gnyp has written to me from Australia: I have come across your website online and wanted to reach out regarding my hunt for an antique Santa Claus toy from Hong Kong circa 1969, 1970, or 1971.

I’m producing a documentary about an Australian singer who as an 11 year old boy sang Christmas Carols on a recording for a toy manufacturer in Hong Kong. The recording was then used in a singing Santa Claus toy, which sold quite well in Hong Kong that holiday season.

Apparently an orange disc about 4 inches wide was inserted into the stomach of the Santa Clause which triggered the songs to start. The Santa toy was approx 12″ tall.

Any leads to toy manufacturers of that era or Santa Claus toy collections or Hong Kong toy experts would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your time.

Best wishes

If anyone can help Maya find out more about the singing Santa please contact -Hugh Farmer indhhk at gmail dot com

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