Made in Hong Kong – exhibition of toy manufacturing at the Museum of History

In 1970 HK had about 1,100 toy factories employing about 40,000 people. And two years later it replaced Japan as the world’s largest exporter of toys. Currently Hong Kong manages the production of 60 to 70 per cent of toys globally, with factories based in mainland China.

“Star Wars figurines, rubber ducks and Thomas the Tank Engine trains may come from different fantasy worlds, but they all have one thing in common: they were once made in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Museum of History’s three-month exhibition – titled The Legend of Hong Kong Toys – will open on 2nd March featuring over 2,000 playthings from the last century, with origins that can be traced back to the city…

…The exhibition is the result of a two-year collaboration between the Toys Manufacturers’ Association, the Hong Kong Toys Council and the Museum of History, and it is one step closer to the ultimate goal of the industry: a permanent museum to display the city’s toys.” (1)

Toy Miniature Replica Of QE2 Coronation Coach 1953 Photo Felix Wong Courtesy SCMP 1.3.2017

A miniature replica of the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Coach (1953) displayed at the exhibition. Photo: Felix Wong Courtesy: SCMP


  1. Made in Hong Kong: toys exhibition at history museum tells the lost tale of an industry SCMP 1st March 2017

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