Lei Yue Mun – HK Island bridge Q+A 33

HF: Q+A 33 asks for further information about a proposed suspension bridge from HK Island to Lei Yue Mun which had been mentioned in a letter by R Coates in the SCMP of  30th January 2016. I doubted that such a bridge would have been feasible given that it would have been directly in front of, and at right angle to, planes taking off from Kai Tak airport. It may not have been constructed but it was proposed…

Tymon Mellor was a colleague of the letter writer, Bob Coates. He wrote to Mr Coates asking if he could supply further information. He sent this extract from a 1976 HK Comprehensive Transport Study, p390. Tymon adds, there must be more details buried in the old reports.

Lei Yue Mun Bridge, snipped extract from 1976 HK Comprehensive Transport Study

And IDJ has come with this image, not a bridge but a suspended train from the imagination of Aerometro Ltd.

The picture is described as “A flight of fancy! An artist’s impression of our “Aerometro” crossing high above the Lei Yue Mun Gap between HK Island and eastern Kowloon.”

A flight of fancy indeed – 哎吔!

As IDJ says, In the 1970s there was a huge number of proposals made for infrastructure and transport solutions.

Lei Yue Mun Bridge Aerometro Ltd artists impression

This article was first posted on 20th February 2016.

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