Japanese map of HK Harbour during the occupation WW2 – translation and transcription

Kwong Chi Man has kindly translated the Japanese names of the piers shown in columns at the bottom of this map of Hong Kong harbour which was drawn during the occupation, WW2. Elizabeth Ride has kindly transcribed the faint handwritten English ‘translation’ alongside the Japanese. Many thanks to both contributors.

KCM: This map of the Japanese Harbour Authority (under the IJN) was stolen by BAAG agent, Mr. Yan Cheuk Ming who worked inside the Harbour Authority and was executed as a spy in 1943.

ER adds: The map was published in the Waichow Intelligence Summary #28 of 25.4.43. There were no copy machines in those days of course, so it must be either an original or a photograph taken surreptitiously. It might be of interest to see this insight into the workings of J Group:  my father [Sir Lindsay Ride] wrote to the Military Attache in 1944 – “The Shipping Group consists of friends working in docks, shipyards and shipping offices, their contacts with a ‘post office’ in Hong Kong, runners who bring information out to a town in Free China and the contact between that town and our forward post.”

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Cosmopolitan Docks during Jap Occupation 1942-1945

ER’s transcription has been added in square brackets where there is a discrepancy between the Japanese translation and the English version.

 KCM: 1-34 is a list of piers of Hong Kong Island (with very faint English names next to it). This is the translated list (27, 28, 31, 32 might be wrong/require further research).
1. Murray Pier
2. Queen Pier [Queen’s Pier]
3. Star Ferry Pier [Star Ferry wharf]
4. Blake Pier
5. P & O Pier
6. Douglas Pier
7. “Garbage Disposal Pier” (塵芥 = garbage in Japanese; the full term 塵芥捨 means garbage disposal).
8. United Pier [Vehicular Ferry]
9. Unnamed
10. Luen Cheong Pier
11. O.S.K Pier
12. Kwong Wing Pier
13. King Shan Pier
14. Harbour Authority Pier [Harbour Office]
15. Fat Shan Pier
16. Tung On Pier
17. Po Tak Pier
18. Ping On Pier
19. Yuen On Pier
20. Hoi On Pier
21. Tai Hing Pier
22. Sam Kok Pier
23. Hing Kee Pier
24. Williamson Pier
25. Sai Kong Pier
26. Cheung Chau Pier [Cheung Chow Pier]
27. Southeast Shipping Company Pier (not sure if this is the official name) [Great South East Shipping Service Pier]
28. Cheung Bin Pier (not 100% sure)
29. Ping Shan Pier
30. “Unfinished Pier”
31. Ngan Chong Pier (not 100% sure) [Silver Store]
32. Yee On Pier (not 100% sure)
33. Unnamed
34. Unnamed
35. Garbage Disposal Pier
The list on the left hand side was “Piers on Kowloon Peninsula,” they were in Chinese characters on the Kowloon side and include:
1. Kowloon Wharf Pier No. 1 [Kowloon Godown Wharf, as are 2,3,4,5]
2. Kowloon Wharf Pier No. 2
3. Kowloon Wharf Pier No. 3
4. Kowloon Wharf Pier No. 4
5. Kowloon Wharf Pier No. 5
6. Taikoo Wharf Pier No. 1 [Tai Koo Godown Wharf as is 2]
7. Taikoo Wharf Pier No. 2
This article was first posted on 10th May 2015.
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