The Hume Pipe (Far East) Ltd – Jock Inglis -The Peninsula Hotel and Clark Gable!

The photo of Jock Inglis has been added, thanks to Amelia Allsop and The HK Heritage Project.

Thanks to IDJ for this newspaper report.

The Argus, Melbourne, Australia 11 July 1935

The Argus, Melbourne, Australia
11 July 1935

Hugh Farmer: Extracted from Past & Present, the Newsletter of the Hong Kong Heritage Project (2014 No.2)  – John ‘Jock’ Inglis arrived in Hong Kong in 1938 as General Manager for the Hume Pipe Co., an Australian company, to build the pipeline from Shing Mun Reservoir across to HK island.”

Jock Inglis photo sent by Amelia Allsop

Jock Inglis c1938 Courtesy: Amelia Allsop,

Jock sounds something of a character and it’s worth reading about his long term residency at the Peninsula Hotel in the Past and Present link below. Including, ” One of Jock’s many friends there was Clark Gable…who was on location for “Soldier Of Fortune”. Legend has it that reunion drinks at Jock’s table became so frequent that the film’s producer banned Gable from this magic table until his work was done.”

Clark Gable with lilihua photo


Leaving dull Hollywood to return to the glamour of HK water supplies, construction of The Shing Mun Reservoir started in 1933 and was completed in 1937 when it was initially known as The Jubilee Reservoir.

Philip Cracknell  writes about the company on 10 Dec 1941. The following reports come from the War Diary of HMS Cicala.

0630   Orders were received to destroy the Hume Pipe Factory on Castle Peak Road north of Rambler Channel and Chinese factories to the east  of that target as far as the bridge west of Tsin Wan Village , then, to delay any advance of the enemy  along Castle Peak Road.
0715   Opened fire on the Hume Pipe Factory  with 6” HE. This was a most unsatisfactory target  at close range as it was a long low building partially obscured  by a high bank, however many hits were obtained , and then the two corrugated  iron sheds in front of the factory  were shelled and destroyed.

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