The Hongkong Electric Company Ltd – Early History – 1889 to c1908

IDJ has sent this article about the Hongkong Electric Company, Ltd  which was published in 1908. It outlines the formation of the company in  1889 and the opening of Hong Kong’s first power station in Star Street, Wanchai in 1890.  This generating station closed in 1920 and was demolished in 1922.

Hong Kong Electric Co - from_20th_Century_Impressions_book


  1. Twentieth century impressions of Hong-kong, Shanghai and other Treaty Ports of China, Arnold Wright, Lloyd’s Greater Britain Publishing Company, 1908


  1. A Mountain Of Light: The story of the Hongkong Electric Company, Austin Coates, Heinemann, 1977

This article was first posted on 15th November 2014.

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