CLP + HEC: Consumer Council call for break up of the duopoly

HF: Hong Kong Electric was founded in 1889. China Light and Power in 1901. Together they have been almost the only power companies to provide electricity to Hong Kong. If you are surprised by the insertion of “almost” have a look at Related Inddhk articles below.

Now the Consumer Council has produced a report which suggests the Hong Kong government should break up the dominance of the two electricity suppliers which is “unfair” to consumers.

Linked below are the full Consumer Council report and an SCMP article about the report.

Hong Kong Electric Group logo imageChina Light and Power logo image

The Image shown on the Home page is of CLP’s Black Point Power Station courtesy of CLP


  1. Searching for New Directions: A Study of [the] HK Electricity Market HK Consumer Council December 2014
  2. Break Up HK Power Duopoly says study – SCMP article 5th December 2014
  3. Hong Kong must act now to open up electricity market, antitrust chief says SCMP 15th July 2018

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