The Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd (HAECO) photographs

HF: New information in red. Ray has contacted me on behalf of Charles ‘Chic’ Eather saying that the latter  is more than happy for me to use material from his website. Charles  is now into his 95th year and is not able to manipulate a computer as he once could.  Ray helps Charles with his emails and his website. Thanks to both gentlemen.

Chic has recently included more Kai Tak photographs of HAECO and early Cathay Pacific Airways operations on his website linked below.  I have inserted these as images 5 to 9. Some are captioned but more information especially regarding dates would be very helpful. And about HAECO or Cathay in general.

Chic has these images of HAECO on his website. These are undated. Can anyone inform us when they were taken?

HAECO Chic image 1HAECO Chic image 2HAECO Chic image 3HAECO Chic image 4

HAECO Chic image 5

Clearwater Bay Road realignment 1959

CPA's old Ops 1950

Cathay Pacific Airways operations 1950

CPA's old Ops 1950 - 'Ma Saunders' Catering referred to in Syd's Last Pirate

Cathay Pacfic Airways operations  1950 – ‘Ma Saunders’ Catering referred to in Syd’s Last Pirate (see link at end of article)

HAECO building progress 1966

HAECO building progress 1966

HAECO Chic image 9

See:  Charles ‘Chic’ Eather’s website

This article was first posted on 24th October 2014.

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  • Harrison lathe

    These pictures were all taken in period 1959 – 1960, when the then HAECO Main Building was just under construction (seen with bamboo scaffolding around the building facade). In 1980s, the Main Building housed the following Departments – G/F – Component Overhaul; Security barrack. 1./F – Personnel (HR); Administration; Component Overhaul. 2/F Computer; Quality Assurance. 3/F Avonics Overhaul. 4/F Marketing and Directors Office

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