Can you lend a hand to help the group…?

HF: We currently have over 1,500 articles posted on the website.

I wonder if you could spare a little time to help the site develop. Maybe an hour or two each month?

The life blood of the Group and the website is articles, either about a new subject or adding additional information to one already posted. Articles do not need to be long nor with an “academic” content or structure. Nor do they need to offer a full and detailed overview of the subject. Indeed my experience has been that posting an article in almost every case leads to additional information or images being forthcoming. And in this way our database steadily but surely becomes the tremendous archive i believe…

Around 50 people have written articles for the website.

A number of people already do. Contributors of course – both articles and comments. Malcolm Morris and Yannis Baritakis behind the scenes with site administration. Translators.  Those retyping articles. Thanks to everyone for their efforts.

Why not join us? We are looking for those who can:

a) help with producing maps. It would be very useful if we could mark locations on maps and indicate what is or was at that place. This map, produced by Malcolm Morris, showing Indhhk mining article locations is an example:


It may be better to  use a google map as this would enable a great deal of information to placed which could be zoomed in on. For example we have numerous quarry locations many of which were initially crowded around HK harbour but later can be found across Hong Kong.

Some maps we need are of industrial areas with company locations eg Tuen Mun, industries with  numerous locations eg shipbuilding…I don’t have the technical knowledge to know what might be best…do you?

b) place locations on photographs. Here’s one of Yau Tong which Tymon Mellor initiated:

Yau Tong aerial photo 1983 updated by Tymon Mellor

c) type out short, printed articles into word documents. The former can sometimes be difficult to read. And the typed version is “searchable”, the printed version not. Here’s an example by Mark Regan:

Green Island Cement Fire HK Telegraph 17th Match 1906

Fire broke out in the cooperage department of the Green Island Cement Works, Hunghom, at about eight o’clock last evening. When the brigades from the Kowloon Dockland Yau-ma-ti Police Station arrived the flames were burning furiously and had a good grip on the building. The fire-boat also arrived..

d) translate short documents. We now have two people translating Chinese, one Japanese, one Portuguese and one French. If you can offer any of these, especially Chinese , or any other languages it would be very helpful…

Hong Kong Tube and Metal Products Ltd

Mak Ho Yin kindly translated this 1964 Wah Kiu Yat Po newspaper article:.
“Pioneer of Hong Kong Heavy Industry Opening of a Large Steel Tube Factory on Peng Chau by Hong Kong Tube and Metal Products Limited at Peng Chau on 21st December, to be officiated by David Ronald Holmes.
The new factory under Hong Kong Tube and Metal Products Limited at Peng Chau will be launched on the 21st of this month, with a ceremony…”

e)…and the life blood of the Group, contribute articles, comments or answer one of our Q+As.

It would be great if you could help our Group by offering  a little of your time with any of the above.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes
Hugh Farmer indhhk at gmail dot com


  • Eunice Wu

    Yes, I think i can help, translating Chinese. I am studying in Architecture Conservation Programme in HKU. I am also a PhD in structural Engineering with practical experience more than 15years.
    Just feel free to let me know how to help.

    • That would be very helpful Eunice. I’ll be in touch.

      If anyone else would like to spend a little time occasionally translating a couple of paragraphs or less please get in touch with me.

      The Group now has volunteers able to translate Chinese, obviously our most pressing need. But also Japanese, Portugese and French.

      Thanks again Eunice for getting in touch.

      Hugh Farmer

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