Harbour Tug Empire Sam – Hong Kong service 1946-1967

Stephen Davies’  article, Admiralty Floating Dock No.18 – in HK 1945 to 1955, mentions the Harbour Tug Empire Sam. Here Stephen provides further information about the ship.

[HF: Curiously I am unable to find a photo of the Empire Sam.]

Empire Sam had an HK life story after the war – 275 GRT built by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby. Launched 1 June 1942. Completed September 1942.

Allocated in 1945 to the Hong Kong Government and in 1946 became Police Launch No.1 (along with Empire Josephine as Police Launch No.2) for the 19 years to 1965.

Empire Sun Tug snipped Sui Geng, The HK Marine Polic 1841-1`950

Empire Sun Tug b snipped Sui Geng, The HK Marine Police 1841-1950

Extracted from: Sui Geng: The Hong Kong Marine Police 1841-1950

Sold in 1965 to Yau Wing Co, Hong Kong and renamed Yau Wing No 23.

Sold in 1966 to Cheung Chau Shipping & Trading Co and renamed Fedredge Sam. Operated under the management of Mollers Ltd, Hong Kong.

Scrapped in September 1967 at Hong Kong.


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