Feather Works in Hong Kong – initial notes

HF: I have come across five feather product companies in Hong Kong. There were undoubtedly more, as the 1939 report shown below mentions five at that time alone.

If you can supply any further information about these or other feather using companies please contact me.

a) In  the 1899 Jurors List http://gwulo.com/jurors-list-1899
“Leopold Schinz, Technical Manager, Feather Factory, Kennedy Town”

b) In Twentieth Century Impressions of Hong-kong, Shanghai and Other Treaty Ports of China, Wright A, Lloyd’s Greater Britain Publishing Company Ltd., 1908.
“Another important business in which Messrs. Alvares & Co. are engaged is the export of feathers, which are purchased in China and cleaned in the firm’s own factory at Kowloon — the only establisliment of its kind in the Colony — equipped with the latest machinery, and housed in a building specially designed to meet the exacting requirements of the Sanitary Board.”

c) In the Jason Wordie  book Street: Exploring Hong Kong Hong Kong University Press
“By the 1910s factories in Yau Ma Tei produced… feather products…”

d) From the 1939 Report on Labour and Labour Conditions in Hong Kong.
“3 Feather Works on HK Island and 2 in Kowloon and the New Territories.”

Feather Works `1939

e) Union Feather Company

Our company has been running the feather-related business (manufacturing and exporting) for more than 50 years. Our offices and factories distribute over the Pearl River Delta” at Hong Kong, Macao, and Guangdong, China and there are several hundred employees working in these offices and factories. Besides, our customers come from the countries all over the world and many of them have been doing business with us for over than a decade. In short, our company is a good-reputed and well-established company for feather-related business.
We specialize in wholesale of all kinds of feather-related products such as feather fans, trimmings, masks, headbands, dusters, flowers, angel wings, neck rings, etc

Union Feather Company B Factory In China From Company Website

Union Feather Company factory in China Courtesy: company website

This article was first posted on 12th June 2014.

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