The Roy Farrell Export-Import Company (Hongkong) Ltd

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Roy Clinton Farrell (June 19, 1912 – January 3, 1996) was the American co-founder of Cathay Pacific Airways along with the Australian Sydney de Kantzow.

ROY FARRELL EXPORT IMPORT COMPANY (HONG KONG) LIMITED -THE- was incorporated on 28-AUG-1946 as a Private company limited by shares registered in Hong Kong. The date of annual examination for this private company limited is between Aug 28 and Oct 09 upon the anniversary of incorporation. The company’s status is listed as “Dissolved” now.
Roy Farrell Export Import Company (hong Kong) Limited -the- had been operating for 76 years 5 months, and 24 days since its registered until dissolution.(1)

Before forming Cathay Pacific, Farrell attempted to purchase a ship to take advantage of what he rightly perceived to be an opening market in China to goods previously unavailable to it before the war. He was unable to locate any ship for purchase and instead bought a C-47 airplane (the military version of the similar DC-3 airplane). This airplane was named ”Betsy”. He, along with the crew assembled, flew the plane from New Jersey through South America, Africa, India and China, eventually ending the trip in Shanghai, and established the Roy Farrell Import Export Company.(2)

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