Demise of the 79 year old neon lights of Tai Tung Bakery, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

“Established since 1943, Tai Tung Bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in Hong Kong and offers traditional-style Chinese pastries that range from bread to cakes and biscuits, to seasonal delicacies such as mooncakes and Chinese new year sweets and delights.”(1)

“Another piece of Hong Kong’s heritage will go when the bright lights of the Tai Tung Bakery in Yuen Long are dismantled after the Mid-Autumn Festival, stirring debate on conservation of the city’s neon signage.

“It’s very sad,” said Peter Tse Hing-chi, third generation owner of the traditional pastry shop which opened in 1943. “This sign grew with the business. It is historically significant – for as long as the shop has been here, the sign has also been here.”

He was supposed to remove the sign this May, as it was first declared unauthorised and a safety hazard two years ago, but had appealed to keep it. Tse hoped to keep the sign up at least until after this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival on Saturday and wished to continue negotiating with the government to keep it up.”(2)

Tai Tung Bakery's Neon Sign SCMP

The Tai Tung Bakery’s neon sign Source: SCMP

Why is the Hong Kong Government against neon lights?

“In the past 20 years, the government has tightened safety regulations and removed signs that are deemed too big or hang too far over the pavement. That, combined with the advent of cheaper, mass-produced LED technology, has led to the disappearance of neon signs from Hong Kong’s streets.”(3)


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This article was first posted on 19th September 2022.

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