Chinachem – Collection of Early Advertisements

York Lo: Chinachem – Collection of Early Advertisements

Chinachem, one of the major real estate developers in Hong Kong, is perhaps best known for the kidnappings and disappearance of its founder Teddy Wang and the prolonged estate battle between his wife Nina Wang and his father and after her death, between her estate and the former fengshui master Tony Chan. Much has been written about the group which will not be repeated here but below is an assortment of early advertisements by the firm from the 1960s and the 1970s.

Chinachem Early Adverts Image 1 York Lo

Front page ad of Chinachem on the cover of Kung Sheung Daily News in November 1972. At the time Chinachem had teamed up with Dairy Farm in its high profile defense against Jardines’ hostile takeover and this ad probably which showcased nine of its properties was probably intended to highlight the strength of the then relatively unknown developer and also promote its properties. The “CCI” in its logo stands for Chinachem Investment, which was incorporated in 1960. (KSDN, 1972-11-24)

Chinachem Early Adverts Image 2 York Lo

Chinachem’s ad for Tin Heung Garden (天香花園大廈) on Tin Heung Street in Kwun Tong in 1963. Clover Plastic Ltd which operated out of 1155 Canton Road was also listed as the Kowloon sales office for the project. The property was only selling for $40 per square feet and monthly installments to buy the property was $351. The ad highlighted that the building was designed by a British architect and two-third of the property was space for walking around. (WKYP, 1963-2-18)

Chinachem Early Adverts Image 3 York Lo

1970 Chinachem ad for five of its properties (left to right): University Heights on Kotewall Road, Bellevue Heights on Tai Hang Road, Duchy Heights on Duke Street, Prince’s Heights and Edward Heights on Prince Edward Road.  (WKYP, 1970-11-14)

Chinachem Early Adverts Image 4 York Lo

Left: Chinachem’s ad for Wai Yip Industrial Building on Wai Yip Street in Kwun Tong in 1970 with industrial units ranging from 3500 to 10000 sq ft starting at $141800. (WKYP, 1970-2-3) ; right: Ad for Chinachem’s Spring Heights (春秋閣) on Boundary Street in 1971. (WKYP, 1971-9-18)

Chinachem Early Adverts Image 5 York Lo

Left: Chinachem’s ad for Belvedere Heights at 361-367 Prince Edward Road in 1974. At the time, Chinachem’s offices was located at Room 1001-1003, Bank of Canton Building at 6 Des Voeux Road Central. Right: Chinachem’s ad for Fu Yung Building on Fu Yung Street in Tsuen Wan in 1971, flats were starting at $70 per square feet which they claimed to be among the lowest in HK.

Chinachem Early Adverts Image 6 York Lo

Ad for Chinachem’s Wah Wai Industrial Building in 1979. By that time the firm was referring to itself as Chinachem Group instead of Chinachem Investment. (WKYP, 1979-3-26)

This article was first posted on 20th August 2021.

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