China Oxygen & Acetylene Company

Ian Wolfe: This 1949 photo shows, in the orange triangle, the newly built China Oxygen and Acetylene Co., Ltd compound. The company was a subsidiary of the British Oxygen Company Ltd.

[The yellow oblong shows an aerial ropeway within the Green Island Cement complex.]

Green Island Aerial Ropeway 1949 Ian Wolfe

“Pursuing their policy of post-war expansion, the British Oxygen Company Ltd. some time ago formed a subsidiary company in Hong Kong under the title of China Oxygen & Acetylene Co., Ltd. This paralleled development, on similar lines in Egypt and Malaya, representing additions to its existing large Overseas Organisation throughout the British Commonwealth.

Some delay arose due to the difficulty of finding a suitable site in Hong Kong, but eventually K.M.L. 60 (actually 69), situated in the Hung Hom district of Kowloon and having a sea frontage, was selected in the year 1948.”

For further information please visit Ian’s flikr post linked below.


China Oxygen & Acetylene Company plan of buildings 1949 Flikr Ian Wolfe


China Oxygen & Acetylene Company aerial photo 1964 Flikr Ian Wolfe

Plan Legend
Single long arrow – Main entrance to the company premises
Double short arrow – Gate at Bailey Street
Dotted arrow – Curved road inside the premises leading to the permanent pier No. 79
L.O. – Liquified Oxygen
D.A. – Dissolved Acetylene

Ian would appreciate 1950s / 1960s photos about the entrance gates, the granite block walls and the premises in general.

HF: And we would be grateful for any information or images about the company.

Source: Ian’s Flikr post about China Oxygen & Acetylene Co.


  1. The British Oxygen Company – historical notes from Grace’s Guide
  2. The British Oxygen Company – wikipedia, including information about the original firm, Brin’s Oxygen Company Ltd formed in 1886, by French brothers, Arthur and Leon Brin

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