Chan Chi Kee Cutlery, in business since the 1920s, Shanghai Street

Chan Chi Kee Cutlery has been in business since the 1920s, currently at 316-318 Shanghai Street, specializing in hand-pounded woks and its famous cutlery.

‘Alongside Wo Shing Goldsmith are a few other long-term shopkeepers, who have seen the rise and fall of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry – selling kitchen tools, especially stainless steel products.

Chan Chi Kee Cutlery, for example, has stood the test of time through sheer hard work and distinguished craftsmanship. “Wherever you find Chinese people, you will find our knives. They are all over the world,” says Chan Kin, a nephew of the business’ late founder after whom the shop is named.'(1)

Chan Chi Cutlery Image Courtesy SCMP

Chan Chi Kee Cutlery Courtesy: SCMP

This article was first posted on 23rd July 2017.


  1. Hong Kong’s Shanghai Street: goldsmiths, craftsmen, kitchenware and prostitutes SCMP 10th March 2017 – includes Chan Chi Kee Cutlery

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