Can you lend a hand to help the website?

Hugh Farmer: We currently have over 2,600 articles posted on the website.

I wonder if you could spare a little time to help the site develop.

The life blood of the Group and the website is articles, either about a new subject or adding additional information to one already posted. Articles do not need to be long nor with a particularly “academic” content or structure.

Nor do they need to offer a full and detailed overview of the subject. Indeed my experience has been that posting an article in almost every case leads to additional information or images being forthcoming. In this way our database steadily widens through the cooperation of often several contributors.

Subjects would include Hong Kong industries, industrial-related companies, individuals connected to individual HK companies, aspects of agriculture/fishing that might be described as “industrial”, mines and quarries.

Or you might like to put together additional information about subjects already posted on our website.

Or send in images that I could work on to include information about the above areas.

And if you are worried about making mistakes with your English I would be happy to proofread your writing.

Around 200 people have written articles for the website. Why not join them?

If you have explored our website you will know that the range of subjects we cover is very wide.

And if you want any advice on getting started don’t hesitate to contact me Hugh Farmer at:-

indhhk at gmail dot com

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