Brick Works, Brick Hill (Ocean Park) – the location of the HK Pipe, Brick and Tile Works?

Tymon Mellor has sent this 1957 map showing a brick works just NE of Brick Hill (Nam Long Shan) the southern part of which is now Ocean Park amusement park. The entrance to Ocean Park and the start of the cable car which takes you alongside Brick Hill is itself just NE of what was once the brick works.

Tymon says the 1957 map is based on a 1954 air survey and adds there are features that suggest it has not been fully updated.

HF The Hong Kong Pipe, Brick and Tile Works was owned and operated by the Green Island Cement Company from 1896 to 1928, when it was closed due to financial losses. A 1908 report says it was “located at the western end of Deep Water Bay, just opposite Aberdeen.”

Are we talking about the same Brick Works that Tymon Mellor has found in a 1957 map, linked below. A near thirty gap between closing and being still recorded on a map seems rather long , but if the site remained undeloped why not?

Further information about the brick works or whether anything remains would be welcomed.

Brick Works, Brick Hill (Ocean Park) map 1957 from Tymon Mellor

Opened on January 1977 by the Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Murray MacLehose, Ocean Park was constructed with HK$150 million funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The land was provided free by the Hong Kong Government.

Ocean Park google snipped map

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