Acid factory, To Kwa Wan, BAAG reports

Elizabeth Ride has sent three BAAG reports that briefly mention an unnamed acid factory in To Kwa Wan in 1942/43. Further information about the actual name of this company would be welcomed. Presumably these reports are all about the same factory?

Or more on the acid factory in Cheung Sha Wan as indicated in WIS #14, 16.12.42.

New Information

WIS #14, 16.12.42

Acid Factory To Kwa Wan BAAG WIS #14 16.12.42


WIS #17 28.1.43

To Kwa Wan acid factory BAAG WIS #17 28.1.43

WIS #25, 27.3.43.

To Kwa Wan acid factory BAAG WIS #25 27.3.43

This article was first posted on 25th January 2015.

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