Waste collection, disposal and management in Hong Kong – initial notes

HF: According to a 2013 Enviromental Protection Department report all three landfill sites in Hong Kong will be full by 2019.

Waste Disposal Plan EPD

Courtesy; EPD

The creation of waste and its disposal have obviously been happening since people first settled in the area now known as Hong Kong though with a considerable increase in recent times.

A huge subject then that I approach with some trepidation. First because of the sheer length of time involved even if we just cover Hong Kong during the colonial period and post 1997. What happened to waste – domestic, commercial and industrial in 1850, 1900, 1950…?

Secondly because of controversy that has arisen due to past and current criticism of the government’s plans concerning waste collection, disposal and management, as well as criticism of commercial and industrial waste producers and indeed more recently a lack of individual responsibility regarding this issue.

And third the current huge problems Hong Kong has in disposing of its waste highlighted by the EPD forecast.

This initial article was prompted by our article Waste disposal in Hong Kong – 1997.

Waste Image In HK SCMP 18.09.2015 Bloomberg Image

Courtesy SCMP/Bloomberg

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This article was first posted on 23rd January 2018.

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