Tang Fun Kee Manufacturing Co Ltd – Good Luck bicycle horns, Camel torches, Navy brand torches

HF:  Tang Fun Kee was incorporated on 23rd May 1951 and appears to be still in operation.

“…Tang Fun Kee occupied a five-storey building in Larch Street [Tai Kok Tsui – note the advert below has the company at 32-40 Fuk Tsun Street], producing headlight cases, square torches and watches. Electroplating was on the first floor; the production of torches was carried out on the second floor and the production of watch bands was on the fourth floor. The higher the floor was, the smaller were the products.

Tang Fun Kee Mfg Co Ltd- torch c1950 www.flashlightmuseum

A Navy brand torch c1950 Courtesy: www.flashlightmuseum.com

The workers could hardly meet the factory boss as he usually worked in an office on the ground floor. When the man conducted his inspections in the factory, someone would tip off their workmates he was coming. Ah Ying worked in the watch band division and dealt with both stainless steel and copper bands. Processes she was involved with included installing watch cases, putting in springs and pressing iron wires. Ah Ying mainly did the latter two jobs.

There were dozens of workers in each floor of Tang Fun Kee with workers lined up in rows of seats, each equipped with pressing machines. When a division was understaffed, the supervisor would deploy workers from other divisions. Operating the pressing machines was a low-skilled job. Workers simply needed to be fast and diligent.

The foremen inspected workers from the back of the workers. Those who were slow or found chatting would be fired. As a result, workers only tended to chat when foremen were elsewhere. The factory manager was very strict and had a stern face which made the workers feel frightened.

Being unskilled labourers, most workers understood that it was not easy to find another job. Lives were not easy, they really cared for every work opportunity…” (1)

Tang Fun Kee Mfg Co Ltd-1963 advert IDJ

1963 Advert Courtesy: IDJ

Tang Fun Kee Company location google snipped

Location of Larch Street


  1. Hong Kong Memory Project  Ah Ying’s biography including her time at Tang Fun Kee


  1. The Hong Kong Memory Project Hong Kong Memory (HKM) is a multi-media web site that gives free and open access to digitized materials on Hong Kong’s history, culture and heritage. The materials include text documents, photographs, posters, sound recordings, motion pictures and videos.

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