Can you help with the occasional Chinese into English translation?

Two people have kindly responded to this call and have agreed to to translate a couple of paragraphs every so often. Both are working on a short pieces about companies on Peng Chau Island.

Could you also by translating Chinese into English?

An obvious weakness of this website is that it employs English in  predominately Chinese speaking Hong Kong. We are starting to post some Chinese references and information and it would of course be very useful if these could, at least in part, be translated.

Sometimes it’s just a single company name or a sign like this connected to the Great China Match Company on Peng Chau island.

Great China Match Company bounday stone

…at other times a paragraph from a Chinese newspaper or an article like this from a blog about Wo Fat Hing Distillery.


and occasionally something longer.

It would be really helpful if you could assist us in expanding our knowledge of all things industrial in Hong Kong.

If you think you would be able to spend a little time every so often, great!

Email me and let me know whether you think you would like to be a company name, paragraph or longer piece “type” of translator. Or if you have any suggestions or enquiries.

Hugh Farmer indhhk {at}

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