Yung Hwa Motion Film Industries, newspaper article 1948

IDJ has sent a newspaper article about the Yung Hwa Motion Film Industries, which was a Hong Kong film studio. We have a brief entry about Yung Hwa in our article on Hong Hong film studios, linked below. However, it would be of interest to learn more about the studio and in particular see an image or two of it, besides the very murky photo included in the original newspaper article shown below.

The article was a little difficult to read so I decided to retype it.

Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped version.

Yung Hwa Motion Film Industries Newspaper Article China Mail 26th March 1948 IDJ

The millionaire Mr. T.Y.Li, has already invested more than three million Hong Kong dollars in the project – the Yung Hwa Motion Film Industries, the studios of which are located behind the former polo ground off Boundary Street.

Appalled at the deteriorating morals of the Chinese people who have become “extremely materialistic,” Mr. Li visited the United States a year ago and returned with a plan for correcting the situation.

With the most up-to-date equipment. costing considerable sums in United States currency, he has now completed production studios which are considered the best in the Orient.

On a seven-acre plot, he has built two large studios with elaborate interior fittings. The equipment includes an automatic film developer which can develop 30 feet of film an hour. Its copying plant is the only one of its kind in the Far East.

Staffed by many of China’s leading screen actors and actresses, the Yung Hwa Motion Film Industries plan to produce from 20 to 24 films a year for both national and international distribution.

The films to be produced will be based on historical episodes of China’s various dynasties and famous Chinese novels.

The main object of the films will be to provide the Chinese people with a moral education.

Seeking no immediate monetary profits, Mr. Li said his only object is to see the Chinese people recover their former high code of conduct.

Production of the first of the films. “The Song of China” based on Chinese history, is already in full swing. It will be released simultaneously with two other films to be produced.

Films slated for release abroad will have commentaries in English.

Source: The China Mail 26th March 1948.

This article was first posted on 1st December 2020.

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