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Would you like to contribute to this website?

We are looking for articles about any aspect of Hong Kong’s industrial history including manufacturing, mining and quarrying, transport and utilities. We have a wide variety of contributors from pure amateurs like myself, those with knowledge about a particular area of interest  to those with an academic interest. All are welcome!

You can write an article on a new topic, or post additional information, add a comment at the bottom of any article or an answer to one of the questions in the Queries and Answers section.

It would be great if you could post new articles directly. To do this please Register, fill in the information (of which only your user name will be shown) and you will become an author. register with the group

Once you have registered you will be able to post information without having to go through me.

Writing an article. I am not  computer savvy and had to learn how to write an article, insert images into it and then post it. Like most things it’s easy when you have done it a couple of times. Apologies to those who find the following help and hints patronising!

  • Log in – top right hand corner
  • Type in your user name and password
  • Click on Posts – Add New
  • Enter your title
  • Type your name in the panel if you wish, though your posted article will say “posted by Winnie Chan on January 2nd, 2017”
  • I click Save Draft – on the right –  a lot as I am worried about losing what I have written
  • You can post a word document into article by copying and pasting
  • If you want to  insert a photo, saved snipping tool image etc. you cannot post these by simply copying /posting.Save what you want in Libraries – Pictures or wherever  you store such items. Put your cursor where you want the image to appear Then click on Add Media , below your article title. For a new image click Upload Files, Select File. Pictures Library will then pop up. Double click on the file you want. It should then upload. Fill in Caption for any information you want to appear under the image.
  • If you already have the image saved. Click on Add Media, Media Library. Click the image you want and Insert into post.
  • Categories. If you scroll down on the right you will see these. Click on appropriate ones.
  • Tags. Below categories. I overdid these when I started out. Anything you type yourself can be found using  Search. I think they are useful when you want to highlight words that were included in a image, report, document that you inserted but didn’t type. And which you think would be useful for people looking for information about the subject you are writing about.
  • Featured Image. Below tags. This will be seen on the Home page with the first few lines of your article. Put your cursor where you want the image to be in the article. Click on Set Featured Image. Choose the image you want by clicking, it will have a blue frame. Click Set Featured Image. I sometimes don’t want this to appear in the article and delete it from there once it is the SFI
  • When you are done click Publish. If there is anything you want to change you can always go back into the site and edit.

If you need any help or advice in contributing please contact me:

Hugh Farmer indhhk(at)gmail {dot] com


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