Toy Museum in Hong Kong + 1972 World’s largest exporter of Toys

Hugh Farmer writes, The SCMP of 10 Dec 2013, has an article “Museum plans an old school revival” which mentions a plan by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and the Hong Kong Toys Council to  set up a permanent museum dedicated to toys produced here.

Sounds like an excellent idea given the importance of the toy industry in Hong Kong between the 1960’s and 1980s. Some numbers which may impress if you are not familiar with what went on during this period.

In 1970 HK had about 1,100 toy factories employing about 40,000 people.

In 1972 HK replaced Japan as the world’s largest exporter of toys.

Playmates Catalogue 1976

Playmates Catalogue 1976

By 1980 there were over 2,000 factories and the number employed had grown to 56,000.

Wooden toy pistol - Made in HK 1950s

Wooden toy pistol – Made in HK 1950s

Toy motorcycle - Made in HK 1960s

Toy motorcycle – Made in HK 1960s

Toy Doll - Made in HK 1970s

Toy Doll – Made in HK 1970

This article was first posted on 21st December 2013.


  • Joyce Sitter

    I have a Green Giant plastic train set that was given to me as a child in 1964 . I have the packing slip that says
    Elm Tool & Machine Co. Ltd
    Just was looking for any information on the product.

  • Paul Tung

    I would appreciate any news articles about the Peter Pan Toy Shop in Central or the Ocean Terminal that’s famous for their model train displays in the 70s? We’re they Marklin locomotives? Also any news about Franklin Zee, an 80s UoMichigan alumni who’s active in the die cast cars industry?

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