Hong Kong Hide & Leather Companies – initial notes about this industry

The Hong Kong Hide & Leather Traders’ Association Ltd website suggests there are around 60 Hong Kong companies currently involved in this industry.

We have two articles concerning this trade both written by York Lo.
* Tung Mow Hides & Leather Factory(同茂皮廠) – pioneer of the HK leather industry
* Kwong Fat Yuen Hong (廣發源行) – the 150 year old King of Leather
Plus a little about the reasonably well known though defunct Tannery in Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island which is now a rather swish housing complex.
All these articles are linked at the end of this article.
I have added slaughterhouse/abattoir articles for good measure.

Below are the companies listed by the Association. As information comes in about these I will add to this article. Plus add defunct companies as their names surface. Unless indicated otherwise all articles linked below are from our website.

We are, naturally interested in any Hong Kong companies in the hide and leather trade which are no longer operating,

I will also link posted articles about companies in this field which are no longer operating.

A list of those who have contributed to this article:
YL York Lo

Au Ah Leather (Hong Kong) Ltd

Cedanca (HK) Leather Factory

Cheang Chau Leather Factory

Cheong Fat Leather Company Limited

Cheong Hing Leather Company Limited

Cheung Chau Woo Kee Leather Factory (Defunct)

Cheung Chau Woo Kee Leather Factory Undated HK Memory

Cheung Chau Woo Kee Leather Factory Undated HK Memory “from a print publication” 1941 Source: HK Memory Project

Chico Marketing Limited

Chief Movement Limited

China Yin King Company Limited

CTC Asia Limited

Edward Wong & Company Limited

Furniture Clinic (Hong Kong) Limited

Hay Nien Company Limited

Heun Kai Gloves Limited

Hing Fat Luen Leather Company

Hop Ying International Leather Company Limited

K. L. & Company

Kai Luen Industrial Chemical Materials Company Limited

Kwong Fat Yuen Hong Limited

YL Kwong Fat Yuen Hong (廣發源行) – the 150 year old King of Leather

Kwong Fat Yuen Hong Image 1 York Lo The 150 Year Old King Of Leather

Leatherland Chemicals Limited

Leaton Chong Company

Luen Tat Leather Trading Company


Man Cheong (China) Leather Fty., Ltd

Manta Leather Ware Manufactory (Defunct)

Manta Leather Ware Manufactory Ad 1941 HK Memory

1941 Advert Courtesy: HK Memory Project

Ming Chan Leather Company Limited

Miss Tang Po Ling

Mohist Group Ltd

Mr Chan Chue Ming

Mr Chan Kwo Ching, James (James King Trading Company)

Mr Chow Sik Cho

Mr Ho Hsia Tsai, Douglas

Mr Kong Hoy Wah

Mr Leung Ka Yin

Mr Leung Som Chee

Mr Liu Ki Heung

Mr Wong King Hang

Mr Yeung Kan Ming Eric

Mr Yeung Wing Sum

Ping On Trading Company

Polar Trading Co., Ltd

Quan Feng International Group Ltd

Samly Leather Factory Limited

Seng Chan Tannery Limited

Shui Cheung Leather Merchants

Shui Hing Tannery Factory Limited

Shui Wah Tannery

Sincere Trading Company

Siu Kee (Hong Kong) Tannery Limited

Suen Yee Company

Sun Cheung Leather Company

Tack Lee (Hop Kee) Leather Company

Tai Ping Leather Company

Testex, Swiss Textile-Testing Ltd

The Chius Manufacturing Company Ltd

Universal Leather Company

Wai Wan Leather Company

Wellwise Investment Limited

Wing Cheong Leather Factory

Wing Cheung Company

Wing Tak Leather Factory

Wing Wo Company Limited

WLH International Limited

Yue Fat International Limited


The Hong Kong Hide & Leather Traders’ Association Ltd

This article was first posted on 19th May 2019.

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