The General Electric Company of China Ltd, in Hong Kong, information needed

Can anyone provide further information about the GEC of China Ltd in Hong Kong? This 1924 advert has their location at Queen’s Buildings In Hong Kong.

Until corrected I am presuming that the company was a subsidiary of the British General Electric Company (often abbreviated to GEC) which came into being in 1886 (1888?) when the original General Electric Apparatus Company changed its name. And not the American, General Electric (GE).

The G.E.C. Of China Ltd, Advert, HK Telegraph 31.5.1924

HK Telegraph 31.5.1924

General Electric Company Of China Ltd, Shangai Office, 1917, Source Virtualshanghainet

General Electric Company Of China Ltd, Shangai Office, 1917, Source:

This article was first posted on 8th May 2017.

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