Star Industrial Company Ltd – currently Hong Kong’s largest plastic manufacturer

HF: The company was founded in 1949 as the Star Brush Factory and later renamed Star Industrial Company Ltd. In the year it started it participated in the 7th Exhibition of Chinese Products with a booth mainly displaying brush products including toothbrushes, hair combs and coat brushes. (1)

Within a decade [of its founding], Star had expanded its line to include a large variety of household goods, industrial containers, medicine and catering produce (adapted from 2)

From the current company website “Star Industrial Co., Ltd. is the largest plastic manufacturer in Hong Kong. Our “Red A” brand name is highly recognized in the plastic industry locally and internationally. We have over 600 products in our lines that include houseware, kitchenware, catering & restaurant supply, office products, heavy-duty containers, component parts and medical containers.” (3)

The company factory is at 25 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong.

Star-Industrial-Co-Ltd-advert school bags from IDJ

Undated advert Courtesy: IDJ

HF:I took these photos in Tai Yau Street on 29th September 2016.



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