Want to contribute… a little time… not money

This website has been only been going for under a year. Already we have a large number of articles on a wide range of subjects. Comments on those articles. Queries and Answers when people want further information. Answers to those questions.

There is so much out there on the internet.  Or if you are in HK places to visit to gather information. Have a look at our Resources for places to get started.

People. Companies. Products. Locations – often our contributors post  a short article which can be added to by others.

a) add a comment, you can leave a reply at the end of any article by filling in your name and email address. The latter will not be revealed.

b) write your own articles  Go to Write For Us! When you register you will immediately become an Author which means you can write and post your own articles. Your status will be upgraded as I get to know you.

Adding  a little bit to our knowledge of this wonderful and vast subject. Why not have a go?

You can contact me –  indhhk [ at] gmail.com

Best wishes

Hugh Farmer

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