46 Reiss & Bradley Group of Companies

IDJ asks if anyone can supply information about the Reiss & Bradley Group of Companies.

IDJ says I came across the attached family tree, shown below,  in the Hong Kong Historical Aircraft Association (HKHAA) files recently. The tree shows that R&B was a founding element of Far East Aviation Ltd

HF: There also appears to be a direct connection to the Far East Flying Training School Ltd and Far East Motors Ltd. We have posted articles about all three companies which are linked below.

IDJ concludes: The only other clue I have found is in a Year-Book, an image of a Director of Reiss & Bradley, Far East Motors and Far East Flying Training School, a Mr P..P.F. Watkinson.

HF: Reiss, Bradley & company Ltd, according to an online site, was formed on 28th April 1923 and dissolved on 23rd December 1981.

If you can add anything about Reiss & Bradley, any of the associated companies or indeed Mr Watkinson please contact Hugh Farmer indhhk at gmail dot com.

Update 14th August 2018. York Lo posted his article:

Reiss Bradley (泰和洋行) – the Forgotten Hong

Reiss & Bradley Company Connections HKHaa Archive IDJ

Reiss & Bradley Company Photo Of Pff Watkinson Director Of R&B, Far East Motors And Far East Flying Training School IDJ

See: Hong Kong Historical Aircraft Association (HKHAA) on Gwulo.com

This Q&A was first posted as an article on 5th May 2018.

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  • Martin Burn

    My grandfather, John Robinson, worked for Reiss Bradley & Co Ltd, mostly in China, both before and after WW2. I do have some details but not much, which I can forward to you if you let me know. Do you have any details about him?

    • Hello Martin

      Thanks very much for leaving your comment. I would be very interested in seeing what information you have about your grandfather, John Robinson.

      Best wishes
      Hugh Farmer

  • Curious to know if Hugo Reiss became a Brazilian diplomat as consul in Shanghai?

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