Nan Fung Textiles Mill factory, Tsuen Wan – conservation project

The SCMP of 31st August 2016 has an article about the Mill6 Foundation, a “non-profit arts and cultural institution” run by property developer Nan Fung Group.

“The foundation is working on a heritage conservation project called The Mills in Tsuen Wan, restoring the former Nan Fung cotton mill in situ. The project is expected to be completed in 2018.

[The project is based in the Nan Fung Textiles Limited factory building with that company founded in 1954 later becoming Nan Fung Textiles Consolidated Ltd in 1969 and in 1970 becoming a holding company of three wholly-owned subsidiary companies, Nan Fung Textiles Limited, Nan Fung Textiles Second Mill Limited and Kin Fung Garments and Investments Limited. The company is currently known as the Nan Fung Group. See our articles below for further information.]

According to Mill6 Foundation director Angelika Li On-ki, the aim is to preserve the city’s textiles and garment making culture, and foster creativity and new textile arts. The space will also host exhibitions.”

The project has brought together retired workers from Nan Fung and those who worked for other companies in the Hong Kong garment industry during its boom time between the 1950s and 1980s, before production was moved across the border to southern China.

Nan Fung Textiles building SCMP article 9.12.14

The factory awaiting to be transformed Courtesy: SCMP

Nan Fung Textiles building undergoing revamping Courtesy Mill6 Foundation 2016

The factory undergoing renovation Courtesy: Mill6 Foundation

Many thanks to Ros Tanner for telling us about this article.

This article was first posted on 11th September 2016.

Source: Mill revamp is cue for Hong Kong textile workers to reminisce, and upcycle SCMP 31st August 2016


  1. The Mill6 Foundation – website
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  3. Nan Fung Centre for Heritage Arts & Textile Scheduled to open in Spring 2019, the Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile (CHAT) is a part of the heritage conservation project of The Mills, the former cotton spinning mills of Nan Fung Textiles in Tsuen Wan.
  4. HOW THE MILLS IS REINVENTING HONG KONG’S TEXTILE HERITAGE: A look inside a new project that merges the Hong Kong textile industry’s past and future Cathay Pacific Discovery magazine 6th December 2018. Many thanks to IDJ for sending this article in.

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