May Ming Building, Nathan Road, Jordan – G/F unoccupied since the 1970s?

HF: I am told the ground floor of this building at 310-312 Nathan Road, Jordan has been empty since the 1970s. Nathan Road, prime real estate…bit of a mystery then. Why unused or not redeveloped for forty odd years?

Looking at this recent google image it appears as if the upper floors are occupied. So maybe only the ground floor has been vacant since the 1970s or…

May Ming Building 312 Nathan Road, snipped google image

I don’t know of an industrial connection in the building.

However the ground floor was last occupied by what I took to be when passing as Tai Un… by the dated lettering above the windows. In fact I discovered this was Tai Lin Radio Service Ltd which was during the 1970s and 80s one of Hong Kong’s largest electrical appliance retail chains.

Founded in 1946, it was liquidated in October 2008, having thirteen branches altogether throughout the territory at the time.

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  • Mak Ho Yin

    The ground floor of Nos. 310 and 312 Nathan, the former shop of Tai Lin Radio Services Ltd., was left vacant only since 2008 ( not since 1970s) after the company liquidated. There was wide media coverage in 2008 when public tried to pick “cheap” electric appliances after the liquidation was announced.

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