Kader Industrial Company Ltd

Kader Industrial Company Limited was founded by Mr. Ting Hsiung-chao in 1948. He had previously established the Wei Ming Flashlight and Battery Works and the Pau Chiu Light Bulb Factory, both successful businesses in Shanghai before 1949. Mr. H.C. Ting believed that success is built upon diligence and a dictum that nothing short of perfection was acceptable.

Kader Industrial Ting Hsiung Chao

Ting Hsiung-Chao Undated Source: Kader Holdings Company Ltd

Being an unusual entrepreneur Mr. H.C. Ting not only designed his own products, he also developed the machines that made them to streamline processes. Kader’s products carried the ”OK” logo, a trademark devised by Mr. H.C. Ting to emphasize the reliability and quality of all products made by the Company.

Kader Holdings Exhibition Of Hk Products 1971 71 Hk Memory

Exhibition of HK Products 1971-72 Courtesy: Hong Kong Memory Project

Kader started as a manufacturer of plastic flashlights, a logical complement to Mr. H.C. Ting’s dry cell battery business. Leveraging on the machinery, the Company soon diversified into manufacturing plastic household goods. Marketed under the ”Fortune” brand, products ranged from simple and colorful combs and rulers to plastic cups, bowls, plates, chopsticks, poker chips, eyeglasses and cigarette boxes.

Kader entered into toys in 1954. By the late 50s to early 60s, the Company offered a complete line of plastic toys and models. Kader also started manufacturing for major foreign brand names during this time. In 1969 the Company’s products won three of the top eight Gold and Silver Medal prizes during the 33rd Annual Packaging Competition sponsored by the American ”Variety Department Store” Magazine. Under Mr. H.C. Ting’s leadership Kader became known for its fair pricing and fine products.

Vintage Kader Rolling Duck Ebay

Vintage Kader Rolling Duck Courtesy: eBay

In the 70s and 80s, business from foreign clients continued to expand leading the company to produce such famous products as the original Star Wars figurines, Teddy Ruxpin and Cabbage Patch kids. The Company also started its Mainland operations, opening its first factory in the border town of Shekou in 1983…(1)


  1. Kader Industrial website

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