Jebshun Shipping Co. Ltd – additional information

HF: A little more information about Jebshun Shipping to add to what we already know.

Shun Tai, A Jebshun Shipping Company Ship

The Shun Tai, part of the Jebshun Shipping fleet. Courtesy:

”The Hong Kong Shipowners Association (HKSOA) was born [in 1957]

HKSOA was established by Articles of Association that were incorporated on 29 November 1957 and signed by eleven companies, which were (in alphabetical order) as follows:

Fir Line Ltd, Great Southern Steamship Co, Ltd, Jebshun Shipping Co. Ltd, Nanyang Steamships & Enterprises Ltd, Pacific Steamship Co. Ltd, Ping An Steamship Co. Ltd, Shun Cheong Steam Navigation Co. Ltd, Tai Yip Co. Ltd, The Western Steamship Co. Ltd, Wah Kwong & Co. (HK) Ltd and World-Wide Steamship Co. Ltd.” (1)

”The first chairman [of the HKSOA] was Andrew Lam (Lam Kam Dick) of Jebshun Shipping Co. Ltd a small company which owned four or five ships.” (1)


  1. Changing Places, The remarkable story of the Hong Kong Shipowners, Stephanie Zarach, Hong Kong Shipowners Association 2007

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