Interesting Wall at the abandoned Kwai Chung Public School (葵涌公立學校)

York Lo: Interesting Wall at the abandoned Kwai Chung Public School (葵涌公立學校)

Kwai Chung Public School Interesting Wall York Lo

Recently while researching the industrialist Chong Hu-kwong of Tai Loong Weaving I came across above image of donors’ memorial wall (similar to ones you can find at Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Po Leung Kuk) at one of the buildings of the abandoned Kwai Chung Public School. In the 1950s, Kwai Chung transformed from a rural village to an industrial district and the related increase in population created the demand for a new public school. Founded in 1952, the school expanded in 1959 with the generous support of local business leaders which included a combination of village elders and industrialists whose pictures are featured on this wall which was unveiled in June 1960. The school was abandoned in 2007 and due to neglect, many of its buildings were vandalized with graffiti (including part of this wall).

The leaders on this wall were closely associated with the industrial development of the area (many of whom were also involved with another major institution in nearby Tsuen Wan – the Yan Chai Hospital) and a brief description of each of them below:

Top Row Left to right:


Ip Tak-fan (葉德範) – chairman of Tsuen Wan Chamber of Commerce and Tsuen Wan Rural Committee; founder of Yan Chai Hospital but died in 1962 before its completion.


Chan Wing-wah (陳永華) – likely a member of the Chan clan of Sam Tung Uk in Tsuen Wan and related to Chan Wing-yiu who is also on this wall and Chan Wing-on, the first chairman of the Tsuen Wan Rural Committee.


John Tung (董之英, 1914-1986) – Shanghainese owner of I-Feng Enameling and Freezinhot Bottle Factory (See article)


C.K. Chang (張軍光, 1909-1987) – Shanghainese founder of Hwa Lee Weaving and owner of Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park before Deacon Chiu. Chairman of pro-Taipei Kowloon Chamber of Commerce


Fu Ki-mun (傅其敏)- headmaster of the Kwai Chung Public School


Chan Wing-yiu (陳永耀) – Tsuen Wan local leader, vice chairman of Tsuen Wan Rural Committee 1954-1960


Cheng Chek-chee (鄭植之, 1898-1983)- Chiuchow co-founder of the Chiaphua Group aka “King of Industries” with involvement in steel, kitchenware, watches, torchlights, electronics, paper etc.


Ho Chuen-yiu (何傳耀) J.P. – chairman of Tsuen Wan Rural Committee (1954-60); distributor of Texaco oil in New Territories. Tsuen Wan Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College is named after him.


Cha Chi-ming (查濟民, 1914-2007) – Shanghainese founder of China Dyeing and the Cha Textile Group. Later known for the Discovery Bay development.


Middle Row Left to right:


Lee Chun-kee (李鎮記) – likely the proprietor of Lee Chun Kee Animal Co, the largest importer of wild birds and other animals. He operated a bird sanctuary in Lo Wai Village in Tsuen Wan and was referenced in Martin Booth’s Golden Boy


Au Cheung (歐祥) – director of the Kwai Chung Public School


Chau Cheuk-ming (周卓明) – major landlord in the Tsuen Wan area but originally from Chiu Chow. Yan Chai Hospital Chau Cheuk ming School of Nursing is named after him.


Ng Wai-sum (伍偉森) – founder of Pat Chun Sweet Vinegar (八珍甜醋)


Deacon Chiu (邱德根, 1924-2015) – Shanghainese founder of the Far East Organization (which at one time included cinemas, bank, flour mill, Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park, ATV and now principally involved in hotels and real estate) and founding chairman of Yan Chai Hospital


Fung Mang-tung (馮孟東)- president of the Pun U Association (番禺會所) and the proprietor of China Foods Co (中國食品公司)


William CK Hu (胡晉康) – Shanghainese founder of Wader Movie Studio, see article on Wader


Ching Chun-kau (程振球) – real estate developer who bought Far East Motors site in Kowloon. (see article on Far East Motors). Vice chairman of Chung Shing Benevolent Society from 1957-1964 and Yuen Yuen Institute in Tsuen Wan. Also was director of Tung Wah and Pok Oi Hospitals.


Tsang Moon (曾滿) – local leader


Bottom Row Left to Right:


Tang Cheung (鄧祥) – owner of (紅棉麵包) Director of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in the 1950s and chairman of Tang Family Association. Son of KMT revolutionary and legislator Tang Ching-yang (鄧青陽)


Leung Kam-ming (梁錦明) – unknown. Any info is much appreciated


Chan Hing-fat (陳慶發) – Kwai Chung village representative and member of Tsuen Wan District Board


Vincent Woo (吳文政, 1910-1981) – Shanghainese founder of Central Textile, the last spinning mill in Hong Kong and director of Tung Wah, Po Leung Kuk, New Asia College and Kiangsu-Chekiang College


Hui Tim (許添) – vice chairman of Yan Chai Hospital and director of Tsuen Wan Chamber of Commerce.


Woo Ping (胡炳) – owner of Shun Shing Weaving Factory (愼成織業) and chairman of HK Weaving Mills Association and publicly listed Golden Hill Land Development (金山地產)


Chong Hu-kwong (莊徐光) – owner of Tai Loong Weaving & Dyeing Mill and Tai Yat Weaving Factory. Director of Tung Wah Hospitals in 1952 and vice chair of Chiuchow Chamber of Commerce.


Tang Sang (鄧生) – proprietor of Tin Fook Hong (天福行), a piece goods trading firm.


Yau Tze-Tin (邱子田) – member of Chiuchow family that owned Yam Hop Hing Preserved Fruit Factory (任合興) and the famous King Yin Lane Mansion on Stubbs Road. Co-founder of Yan Chai and TWGH Yau Tze-tin Memorial College in Tuen Mun is named after him.


16th graduation ceremony at the Kwai Chung Public School in 1972 with Au Cheung presenting awards to students. This picture appears to be taken in front of the memorial wall and the Union Jack can be seen in the background (WKYP, 1972-11-26)

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This article was first posted on 9th January 2018.

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