Index updated – translators, contributors needed…

Wanted! Can you spare a little of your time?


  • We now have two people who have offered to translate Chinese, one Japanese translator and one Portuguese (the Macau connection).
  • Would you be able help with the occasional, brief translation. Chinese naturally, Japanese, but also German, French and Italian. Or…?


  • If you would like to write on a new subject, add information/images about an existing one, or simply add a comment at the end of an article it would be great to hear from you.

Photographs, Maps and other Images

  • If you have the odd moment perhaps you could help us by finding photographs, maps or other images of HK’s industrial past about already posted articles. Or about companies, people, places we have yet to come across.
  • Or if you can take your own pictures of places of interest that remain.

Many thanks to Malcolm Morris for his behind-the-scene effort. And to Yanni Baritakis for adding further banners.

Feel free to contact me:-  indhhk “at”gmail  “dot” com

Hugh Farmer

Articles posted in the last month include:

Kowloon Road Names – post ceding to the UK

Kowloon 1892Kowloon Roads 1892

The Dairy Farm Company – Post WW1, the Japanese occupation and immediately post WW2

Dairy Farm Paul Onslow Picture HK & ShanghaI Hotels

Hong Kong’s Lighthouses and the men who manned them – HKBRAS article

Lighthouses, HK and the men who manned them HKBRAS Vol 41, 2001 snipped image 1

The Castle Peak ‘A’ and ‘B’ Power Station

Castle Peak Power Station 'A'-Full Scope Simulator Suite

Chek Lap Kok Island industry, pre-airport

Kaolin Mine Former Island of  Chek Lap Kok

Kaolin Mine
Former Island of
Chek Lap Kok

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