Hong Kong Uniform Buttons – KCR and HK Tramways, further information requested

Karl Spencer has contacted the Group.

He says, “I am a collector of old HK uniform buttons and am looking for early buttons from the KCR (Kowloon-Canton Railway) and HK Tramways. I have attached photos of buttons I am trying to find.

If anyone has any other interesting early buttons then I would be happy to hear from them.”

Karl adds, “I have old buttons from Hong Kong Bank, Star Ferry, and KMB, and am always on the lookout for others – sadly most people would have thrown their old buttons away.”

Hugh Farmer: If you are able to help Karl and/or can provide more images of Hong Kong company buttons please leave a comment attached to this article or email the Group.

KCR Button From SpenceHK Tramways Buttons From Spence

This article was first posted on 8th March 2022.

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