Hong Kong Steam Laundry Companies from 1864 to the early 1930s – a history of insurmountable vicissitudes

James Chan: Our article, The [Hong Kong] Steam Laundry Company, asks for further information about what was thought to have been two steam laundry companies over a considerable period of time from the late 19th century to the early 1950s.

Two pieces on the subject of steam laundries were included in a series of articles in the South China Morning Post from 17th June 1933 to 13th April 1935 written by VHG Jarrett. They were given the general title Old Colonial.

The two are slightly contradictory but mention the opening of:
1864 a “French laundry” which appears to have failed shortly after
1877 saw the formation of the Hongkong Steam Laundry Company Ltd which seems to have again closed after a few years
1883 a new Hongkong Steam Laundry Company was formed. Surprise surprise – no mention of it can be found after a few years
1900 the all new Hongkong Steam Laundry was registered. Regretably “insurmountable vicissitudes” found it taken over two years later by an unmentioned company
1902 saw the opening of another effort with the Steam Laundry Company…





HK Telegraph 17th August 1923 HF


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The China Mail 7th January 1925

Source: http://library.hku.hk/record=b4707057

This article was first posted on 7th December 2016.

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