Hong Kong Industrial Adverts from the 1950s – part one

IDJ has sent some wonderfully evocative and picturesque advertising posters from 1955. They were published by the Hong Kong Government’s Department of Commerce and Industry in a 180 page government handout, typical at that time, to prospective overseas buyers outlining what Hong Kong could sell you or manufacture for you.

IDJ continues, “I’ve had my copy for several years and originally acquired it for some of the photographic images and colourful adverts that were of interest at the time. Possibly Hong Kong libraries keep old editions or the Public Records Office in Kwun Tong. Occasionally I have seen similar ones on sale at one of the two ‘Picture This’ shops in Central. One of these shops is in Prince’s Building on the third or fourth floor of the shopping arcades; the other is nearby on Queen’s Road on a high floor in an office building. Both usually carry a number of interesting old Hong Kong books and documentation. However, the prices can be quite steep.”

Click on an advert to make larger and clearer. Click again for greater enlargement.

Chung Kai Knitting Factory

 Ad 1

Dah Chung Industrial Company Ltd

 Ad 2

Diaward Steel Works

1955 Ad 3

Hing Wah Battery Factory – Five Rams batteries

Ad 4

This article was first posted on 14th November 2013.

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