Hong Kong Historic Maps website – just launched by an Indhhk contributor

Tymon Mellor, a frequent contributor to our website, has just set up his own, Hong Kong Historic Maps, which will be of immense use to those interested in most aspects of Hong Kong’s history.

The site has an initial 30 maps dating from 1810 to 1995 and is dedicated to the discovery and display of historic maps of Hong Kong. Over the past few years Tymon says he has been collecting such maps to track the changes and development in the infrastructure of Hong Kong.This site provides a collection of these maps along with overlays of key features and a comparison with modern mapping.

Tymon says that as this is the first version of the site he anticipates some teething problems, and would be grateful to be notified of these and help if you know how to fix them! A contact email address is provided on the site.

See: Hong Kong Historic Maps

Tymon Mellor map website map 1888 snipped

Map of HK and British Kowloon, circa 1888 Source: Hong Kong Public Records Office

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