Holts Wharf and Godown

Hugh Farmer: Holts Wharf (藍煙囪貨倉碼頭) was a  godown terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui. In 1905 a decision was made to purchase land in Kowloon for the construction of wharves and warehouses so that dedicated and independent facilities were available for the Blue Funnel fleet, part of Alfred Holt & Company.

The wharf opened in 1910 and was jointly owned by John Swire & Sons and Blue Funnel Line. The Kowloon and Canton Railway (KCR) opened on 1st Oct 1910 and since the original TST station was next to the Wharf, the latter became a freight hub.

Holts Wharf 1930s

Holts Wharf

In 1971, Swire Group and Blue Funnel Line sold the wharf site to  New World Development. Two years later in 1973 the latter company commenced the construction of the New World Centre and the Regent Hong Kong (which is now known as the InterContinental Hong Kong

Holt’s or Holts? Both seem to be used, I’m going with the latter .

For further photographs: http://gwulo.com/node/3887 – 14 photos 1910-1966 showing  Holts Wharf, the KCR and this area of TST

For further information:

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