History of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Development in Hong Kong, Part Two 1938-1970

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History of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Development in Hong Kong

1938 – The Cable & Wireless (H.K.) Ltd. provided VHF and UHF service.

See – Hong Kong Telecom

1950 – The Cable & Wireless (H.K.) Ltd. provided HF service.

1963 – The first computer, an NCR 315, was installed at China Light & Power Co., Ltd.

NCR 315 Wikipedia

A NCR 315 Source: Wikipedia

1965 – The first commercial computer service bureau was established by NCR.

I am presuming NCR is the NCR Corporation originally known as

National Cash Register

1965 – The SEACOM submarine telephone cable opened for international telephone calls.

Wikipedia says SEACOM is a submarine telephone cable linking Hong Kong with Malaysia. And, its telephone link was opened in 1967.

1967 – Cable & Wireless (H.K.) Ltd. installed the Tropospheric Scatter System linking with Taiwan.

See – Tropospheric_scatter

1969 – First Satellite Earth Station HKI for Pacific Ocean Region.

HF: I can find no information online regarding this.

1971 – The first semi-electronic telephone exchange was brought into service.

HF. Who by I wonder?

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