An Emerging Industry: Hong Kong’s transistor radios, 1962 Government trade bulletin

HF: A 1962 Commerce and Industry Department trade bulletin, “An Emerging Industry” is subtitled Hong Kong transistor radios.

An extract from the report, The structure of the industry is international, some units being entirely owned and operated by Hong Kong firms, and others either joint ventures between local and overseas companies or financed by foreign capital, chiefly American.

Hong Hong’s initial aim is to provide moderately-priced transistor radios. As a result of this, production at the moment is in most cases confined to the manufacture of 6-transistor sets having one or two wave bands. The models themselves are made to the most stringent requirements and the designs are modern and pleasing.

It is an interesting fact that a number of satellite industries have grown up around the electronics industry for making of such things as moulded plastic cases, metal fascia and leather carrying cases.


Transistors Radio 1962 report An Emerging Industry image Universal radio

Courtesy: Public Records Office

The meteoric rise in the popularity overseas of Hong Kong’s transistor radios can be shown by the fact that in 1960 only HK$200,000 was exported, whereas in 1961 a total of 263,423 radios were exported valued at over HK$12 million. 

So far Great Britain has been Hong Kong’s best customer having imported more than HK$5.25 million worth, closely followed by the United States of America and Western Europe

An examination of the order books in early 1962 would seem to indicate that the Colony’s transistor radio industry can expect a even more dramatic rise in its overseas sales.

Source: An Emerging Industry: Hong Kong’s transistor radios Commerce and Industry Department, “An Emerging Industry”, Hong Kong trade bulletin, Hong Kong: Commerce and Industry Department (February 1962), pp.51-53, Public Records Office, via The Hong Kong Memory Project.

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