Dodwell & Company Ltd, 天祥洋行


George Benjamin Dodwell 1851-1925

Dodwell & Company (天祥洋行) was one of the leading British merchant firms, active in China and Japan during the 19th and 20th century. It was a direct rival to Jardine, Matheson & Co.

“It was established in 1858 when W R Adamson and Company (silk dealers) set up in London, with its head office in Shanghai and branches in Hong Kong, Foochow and Hankow. It began to build up an export business in tea and silk, and also a general import business, and began to acquire shipping agencies. The name changed in 1867 to Adamson, Bell and Company.

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In 1872 George Benjamin Dodwell joined the company in Shanghai, and in 1891, by which time both Adamson and Bell had retired, he formed Dodwell, Carlill and Company to take over Adamson Bell’s agencies. Also in 1891 the head office moved to London. By this stage the firm was exporting tea, porcelain, silk and other Chinese produce from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yokohama and Kobe, and importing flour and lumber from Tacoma on the Pacific coast.

In 1897 a branch was opened in Colombo, chiefly exporting tea to Russia. In 1899 Dodwell and Company Limited was registered as a private limited company. G. B. Dodwell was its first chairman. From 1899 to the First World War, tea sales declined and general merchandising and the shipping agencies became more important. Japan also became more important to the company, chiefly through the export of coal to Singapore and Shanghai.


HK Daily Press 17th August 1923

This entry was published in 1908: “Messrs. Dodwell & Co., Ltd., were established in Hongkong on January 1, 1899, the firm, until that date, being known as Dodwell, Carlill & Co.

They are general merchants, importers, exporters, and general and shipping agents, and undertake commission business of every description. Their headquarters are in London, and they have branches also at Shanghai, Hankow, and Foochow in China; Yokohama and Kobe, in Japan; Colombo, Ceylon; San Francisco, Tacoma, and Seattle, U.S.A.; and Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia.

The directors are Messrs. George B. Dodwell, chairman, A. J. H. Carlill, T. M. Dermer, F. D’Iffanger, F. Dodwell, H. A. J. Macray, G. H. Medhurst, G. J. Melhuish, G. S. Thomson, and E. S. Whealler. Mr. G. H. Medhurst, who is a member of the committee of the Chamber of Commerce, is the manager, and Mr. E. G. Barrett, sub-manager, of the Hongkong branch.” (2)

From the 1920s onwards, Dodwell’s trade in the Far East generally fluctuated for various reasons, including the Second World War and the Chinese revolution. However, post-war recovery in Japan was rapid, and the company had begun meanwhile to expand in other directions, including rubber and textiles, and also motor vehicles. Dodwell Motors, a subsidiary, was formed in Hong Kong after the war. It amalgamated in 1969 with Inchcape’s Metro cars to form Metro-Dodwell Motors Limited, which took over all British Leyland franchises in Hong Kong.

Foamite Fire Extinguishers Agent Dodwells Advert HK Daily Press 12.12.1930

HK Daily Press 12.12.1930

Dodwell & Co Advert HK Sunday Herald 29.10.1950

HK Sunday Herald 29.10.1950

Dodwell & Company Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Advert 1953 Courtesy: IDJ

From the mid 1950s, Dodwell specialised as buying agents for department and chain stores throughout the world, opening their own retail stores in some places, including Kenya and Hong Kong.

Advert 1963 Courtesy: IDJ

Trade Bulletin, Hong Kong: Commerce and Industry Department, May 1964, pp.14-15. Courtesy: PRO/HK Memory Project

From “The Port of Hong Kong” 1966

In 1972 the whole share capital of Dodwell and Company Limited was acquired by Inchcape and Company Limited. Dodwell had offices successively in Billiter Street and St Mary Axe.


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  • Patrick Ho

    My father worked for Dodwell for more than 40 years Retiring in 1978 or 79 as the head of the Personnel Department. His office was on the 3rd Floor in the HSBC building the most left corner office. Before becoming the Personnel director he worked in the insurance department with his office in the Alexandra House across the street next to the Prince Building. He was also the second in commander of the CAS in Hong Kong. He moved to California that same year and passed away in 1996 at the age of 83.

  • Roger Remedios

    I believe my grandfather, Jose Maria Britto, worked for your company in the 1920s. Is there any information you can provide me about him and what he did in your company? Thanks for your assistance.

  • Elaine lassey

    Looking for a raymond cheung who worked for dodwell trading co in Hong Kong. About 1989 /90. My son was a afs student whom he hosted and is keen to meet him again . Other known name is cheung kin .man. worked as a sales Executive.

  • Rich

    My great-uncle passed last year. He was about 95. He worked in Japan right after WWII. Married a full japanese lady.
    I just came across his business card:
    Edmund Lamay
    Dodwell & Co., LTD

    c/o Desco Building
    No. 254 Yamashita-Cho Naka-Ku
    Yokohama. Tel. (2) 7031-4

  • Les

    Does anybody know the christian name of captain broadbridge who was the ships master when yoshino maru caught fire and sank in japan on 10.10.1902
    I thank you in anticipation

  • Mike Godwin

    It appears that one of my family worked for Dodswell in Shanghai , James Valentine worked ? as sub manager under mr Carhill.

    Would you know any more about him please

  • Jo Carlill

    AJH Carlill was my Great grandfather’s brother.

    In the late C19th, H A J Macray was Sub-Manager for Shanghai and Hankow under AJH Carlill.

    There is a Robert Keith Valentine who was appointed to the board in 1958.

    Do you have any dates for when James Valentine worked in Shanghai?

    with kind regards,

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