Dan Waters – HK Construction Industry Award and Lingnan Honorary Fellowship

HF: Double congratulations to Dan Waters (Dr Deric Daniel Waters) who on the 12th September  at the Chartered Institute of Building’s  Annual Dinner in Hong Kong was presented with a Construction Industry Honorary Award.

Dan is also going to be made an Honorary Fellow of Lingnan University, HK, at a ceremony on Monday 13th October 2014

Dan was the first person to contact me when I started publicizing the idea of an Industrial History of Hong Kong Group.

His email of 14th November 2012 succinctly stated, “I am interested in this proposal. Dan Waters.” Newsletter One went out a week later by email to half a dozen people including of course Dan.

But he didn’t just leave it at that. He has since contributed a number of articles as well as offering tremendous encouragement as this project has developed.

Very many thanks Dan.

His articles include:

  1. Technical Education and Training
  2. Technical Education and Training, part 2
  3. Industrial Developments in Hong Kong: some personal observations
  4. Bamboo Scaffolding
  5. Bamboo Scaffolding – Dan Water’s photo gallery
  6. Hong Kong’s Preserved Ginger Industry – Dan Waters discovers and recollects
  7. A Joss-stick Mill in Tsuen Wan

CIOB Annual Dinner 2014 including a short autobiography by Dan

  1. Dan Waters RAS- 4 Dec 2011

    Courtesy: HKBRAS, 2011

    This article was first posted on 21 September 2014.