The Construction of the Big Buddha, Lantau Island, completed 1993

IDJ has sent this paper on the construction of the “Big” Buddha,  at the Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island. It took 10 years to plan and build the bronze statue which was finally opened to the public at the end of 1993.

The paper was written by Peter PK Ng, of P K Ng Associates (HK) Ltd, whose website is linked below.

It was published in The Structural Engineer, Vol 73, No. 17, 5th September 1995.

Big Buddha construction-page 1 IDJBig Buddha construction-page 2 IDJBig Buddha construction-page 3 IDJ

This article was first posted on 14th October 2015.


  1. P K Ng & Associates (HK) Ltd website
  2. The Structural Engineer website
  3. In pictures: how Hong Kong’s Big Buddha statue was built on Lantau Island
    SCMP 13th March 2018

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