China Daily article on increased interest in HK’s Industrial Past – including praise for the Indhhk Group

HF: The China Daily, HK Edition, of 1st September 2015 contained the first of a planned series of articles about what is seen as an “explosion of interest of material related to the city’s industrial past”.

The article by Chitralekha Basu starts with mention of The Industrial History of Hong Kong website, “floated by a long-time HK-resident English gentleman”. Probably the first time I have been called the latter. It mentions that our site has accumulated over 120 contributors and that there are currently over 700 posts.

Stephen Davies, a frequent contributor to our site is also quoted, “Most of Hong Kong does not seem to have a memory of this place extending further back than the 1980s, except through family photographs, although most people and their forefathers migrated here in the 1950s through 70s.”

There is also mention of the Hong Kong Heritage Project and the “Factory Hong Kong” Exhibition being held at the HK Heritage Discovery Centre until 13th September.

And that the Hong Kong Museum of History recently launched a campaign to collect industry-related artifacts and memorabilia.

Chitralekha tells me the Tuesday edition of the China Mail will continue this series.

The image shown on the Home Page is of the Kowloon Flour Mills.

See: The China Daily article Pop goes the factory lore – 1st September 2015

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