Ping-Ling Seng (沈炳麟, 1913-2009) – founder of Gloria Weaving & Knitting Co

York Lo: Gloria Weaving & Knitting (大業織造廠) was founded by Ningbonese businessman Ping Ling SENG (沈炳麟, 1913-2009) who first made his fortune exporting straw hats in Shanghai and moved to Hong Kong in 1948. Seng started his philanthropy in Shanghai in the 1930s but instead of using his own name, over the years he has donated hundreds of millions to charities […]

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John Tung (董之英, 1914-1986) of I-Feng Enamelling

York Lo: I-Feng and Freezinhot first caught my attention when I stared up at the third floor exterior of the infamous Chung King Mansion on Nathan Road and spotted the corporate signages. It turns out that I-Feng, which dissolved in 2001 according to Companies Registry record did have its head office in Chung King Mansion. And then I got even […]

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There was something about “Hong Kong Old Mary” – A Transpacific Fortune Built on Trust

Centenarian Mary Wong presenting a lace handkerchief to Princess Margaret and her then husband the Earl of Snowdon in March 1966 when they visited her shop. Her son and daughter in law Mr & Mrs Jimmy Tse were by her side. Source: Wah Kiu Yat Po, 1966-3-4.  York Lo: Mention the Japanese name Oshin, (“Ah Shun” or 阿信 in Cantonese), […]

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Ng Jim Kai (吳東啓) – Financier of the Chinese Revolution and Pioneer of the Garment and Shipping Industries in Hong Kong

York Lo: In 2013, the Ford Motor Company released a 1924 letter which Sun Yat-sen sent to Henry Ford inviting him to open up a plant in south China – the bearer of the letter was a Chinese American merchant named Ng Jim Kai (a.k.a. Ng Tung Kai 吳東啟, 1859-1935). [1] A major financial backer of Sun Yat-sen for over […]

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Peter H.T. Woo (胡孝清) – Father of the Hong Kong Electronics Industry

Peter H.T. Woo – Father of the Hong Kong Electronics Industry – by York Lo Several years ago, I was invited by the editors of the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography (HKU Press, 2011) to write biographical entries for the book. In total I wrote 37 entries which covered many of the important figures in HK business history. However, there […]

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Chieng Han-chow (錢涵洲)– Father of the Hong Kong Plastic Industry

York Lo: For decades after the War, the plastic industry and two closely related industries – toy and artificial flower manufacturing had played an important role in the industrial growth of Hong Kong and thanks to the efforts of pioneering entrepreneurs and the hard work of an industrious labor force, Hong Kong had emerged from nothing to become a top player […]

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Lee Shiu-kee (李兆基) of Kee Lee Co Ltd(基利有限公司)

Lee Shiu Kee Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Lee Shiu-kee (李兆基)of Kee Lee Co Ltd(基利有限公司) Left: Lee Shiu-kee as a founding director of the Real Estate Developers Association of HK. (Fung Pang-yin, 100 Years of HK Real Estate); Right: LeeShiu-kee’s residence at 12 Belleview Road in Repulse Bay At 12 Belleview Road in Repulse Bay stands a magnificent three-story Chinese style mansion with green roof which […]

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Hong Kong Glove Manufacturers

Hong Kong Gloves Manufacturers Image 5 York Lo

York Lo: Hong Kong Glove Manufacturers The glove manufacturing industry in Hong Kong began in the early 1950s and traced its roots to Shanghai. The number of players quickly increased from less than five to over 40 within three years and most of the growth was driven by export demand, particularly in the UK where HK manufacturers had preferential tax […]

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Ying Ngan-ting (應雁亭, 1909-1972): Gold Magnate and Umbrella Manufacturer

Ying Ngan Ting Detail Image 5 York Lo

York Lo: Ying Ngan-ting (應雁亭, 1909-1972): Gold Magnate and Umbrella Manufacturer Left: an old ad for See Loy Umbrella Factory – likely in the 1960s based on the description on the right which mentioned that it has been popular for over eight decades. Right: Ying Ngan-ting (right) with Kwan Yuk-chi (left) of Hang Lung Bank as the new vice chairman […]

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