Asphalt Companies in Hong Kong

HF: An SCMP article from September 2006 said “The city’s four dominant asphalt manufacturers are Pioneer Asphalts (Hong Kong), Anderson Asphalt, Asphalt Surfaces (International) and Tarmac Asphalt Hong Kong, and they produce about 1 million tonnes of asphalt a year… The four companies comprise the Asphalt and Macadam Association of Hong Kong.”

Anderson Asphalt Ltd

Anderson Asphalt Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd, was formed in 1977.

Company website

Asphalt Surfaces (International)

Asphalt Surfaces (International) Limited was established in 1994 to service the local bituminous pavement industry.

Company website

Pioneer Asphalts (Hong Kong)

Pioneer Asphalts was incorporated on 12th January 1993.

The Company does not appear to have a website.

HF: I took these photos on 21st February 2015 on Anderson Road looking into the quarry.


K. Wah Asphalt Ltd (Tarmac Asphalt Hong Kong)

K.Wah Asphalt Ltd. manufactures asphalt as well as providing surfacing and road marking contract services. The company is based in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. The company was formerly known as Tarmac Asphalt Hong Kong Ltd. before it changed its name in August 2007. As of August 11, 2006, Tarmac Asphalt Hong Kong Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited.

Tarmac Asphalt HK Ltd appears to have been incorporated on 28th April 1978. Confirmation needed.

The Company does not appear to have a website.

HF: I took these photos on 21st February 2015 on Anderson Road.


This article was first posted on 11th August 2016.

See: Road ahead not the busiest for asphalt industry SCMP 16th September 2006

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    I would appreciate your kind response to my enquiry for #70 asphalt for highway paving use. Does your company cover this particular type of asphalt production and, if positive, the quotation price for this #70 type of product.
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    Fran Lam

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