Yick Kwan Gripe Water (益群肥仔水)

York Lo: Yick Kwan Gripe Water (益群肥仔水)

Yick Kwan Gripe Water Image 1 York Lo

Left: Yick Kwan Dispensary in Central in 1948 next to Chinese Optical and Sam Tai Distillery. Right: newspaper ad of Yick Kwan gripe water in Shenbao in Shanghai, 1948

Flipping through old pictures and old newspapers from Hong Kong in the 1940s through 1960s, one can often find the ads or street signs for “Yick Kwan Gripe Water”, which was a popular non-prescription product at the time to relieve colic and other gastrointestinal ailments of infants.

Gripe water was invented in 1851 by British pharmacist William Woodward whose Woodward’s brand (known locally as 吳德物次) remain one of the most popular brands of gripe water. (In 1955, the Department of Industry and Commerce charged 90 pharmacies in HK in carrying counterfeit Woodward’s Gripe Water, highlighting the popularity of gripe water at the time)

Yick Kwan Gripe Water was developed by Yick Kwan Dispensary (益群大藥房), which was incorporated in March 1941. Little information is available about its proprietor Mok Lo (莫露) despite the popularity of his product. It was likely him who came up with the catchy Chinese term “肥仔水” for gripe water. By the late 1940s, Yick Kwan’s product was popular nationwide and was sold in major cities in China such as Shanghai and Canton. By the 1950s, Chi-Leung Mok (致良, likely a son of Mok Lo), a graduate of Lingnan University, was also listed as a contact for the firm. Yick Kwan also had a branch in Macau at 13, Avenue Alm. Ribeiro.  

Yick Kwan Gripe Water Image 2 York Lo

Left: Yick Kwan Dispensary on the left from a different view of Queen’s Road Central (HKPL); Right: Yick Kwan Gripe Water sign atop a building at the intersection of Nathan Road and Waterloo Road during the Queen’s coronation celebration in 1953

Although the Moks were big on print and outdoor advertising, they were very low key and there are only a few news clippings about the firm over the years. In October 1941, a fire broke out at Yick Kwan’s warehouse at the basement of 71 Queen’s Road Central, causing several tens of thousands of dollars for both Yick Kwan and the Tak Cheong Lung tailor shop above. Another fire broke out in 1947 at Yick Kwan’s premise at 69 Queen’s Road Central, resulting in HK$40000 worth of damages In 1955, the landlord of the plot which Yick Kwan and its neighbors such as Sam Tai Distillery occupied wanted to re-develop the plot and began eviction proceedings Yick Kwan. In court, the Yick Kwan representative sought $60000 in compensation as they have spent over $32000 in renovation costs over the years but the lawyer representing the landlords argued that Yick Kwan paid only $1500 a month for rent so the amount sought was equivalent to four years of rent. By the early 1990s, the contact for Yick Kwan was listed as Mok Tat-suen (莫達孫), possibly a third-generation member of the family and the address of the firm was listed as 11B at Hang Lung House at 184-192 Queen’s Road Central. As a firm, Yick Kwan DIspensary is still a live corporation today although its famous product is no longer available in the market.


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